We all use cell phones, tablets, DVD players, and desktop computers. These are just a few electronic items that we employ in our every day lives – however – have you ever thought about where these things end up when we throw them in the trash? Check out the above map to find out! Canada generated 860,000 tonnes of e-waste in 2012. Toxic chemicals in electronics products can … Read more »

Add this to the awesome file. Indian entrepreneur Nitin Gupta founded what is one of the most interesting E-Waste recycling companies in the world. He is the CEO of Attero, an E-waste recycler. Currently, a half million tonnes of e-waste is discarded each year in India, but almost 95% is still recycled in the informal sector, according to recent estimates. Typically, the neighbourhood kabadiwala, the Hindustani term for junk dealer, collects the material. … Read more »

February 7, 2014
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