Just Because It’s Junk, It Doesn’t Mean It’s Garbage! 

Recycling is a cornerstone of our business, and we treat each item that we take from a job site with a careful eye. Items picked up on a job site are manually separated, sorted, and properly disposed of. The remaining material is disposed of at a transfer station for further processing and recycling.

We recycle more Ewaste than any other junk removal company in Ottawa….in 2022 we:

  • Recycled over 200 tons of Ewaste from our pick up service/ drop off events.
  • Hosted 16 events in the national capital region
  • We had over 7500 drops offs, collecting just under 300,000 pounds of E-waste
  • We Recycled over 200 tons of junk for recycling and re-use
  • We picked up over 300 tons of renovation material.
  • We divert around 80% of each load we pick up.
  • Since 2009, we’ve taken part in the City of Ottawa’s “Take It Back Program”, a local initiative that offers Ottawa’s residents a convenient option to dispose of specialty items that are no longer wanted or needed.

Our biggest recycling day this year was in April where we joined River Ward’s Earth day Celebration: We collected just over 14 tons of Electronic waste for recycling!

We work with a variety of local community partners and processors to ensure we’re either up-cycling or re-cycling as much of your junk as possible. Check out our Free E-waste collection days. We are in your neighbourhood!

Learn about some of the local partners we recycle and work with, or book an appointment or contact us.