East Coast E-Waste Program Celebrates One Year and Reflects On The Results Recycle NB celebrated the first year of their electronic waste initiative. The organization is a province-wide environmental group whose mandate is to promote waste reduction and responsible and sustainable waste management. The organization exists to ensure that materials designated by the Minister of the Environment are managed in an environmentally sensitive way. Recycle NB currently manages stewardship plans for … Read more »

January 9, 2018
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There Is An Environmental Cost With The Devices We Depend On Some of the biggest news in the last month has come from the consumer electronics industry. Samsung’s venerable Galaxy Note 7, arguably one of the world’s most popular smart phone phablets, has run into a series of battery issues. Customers were reporting that the phone’s batteries were exploding or combusting randomly during charging. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued on September … Read more »

Here it is. Our full E-waste schedule for 2015, but first, maybe some clarification is required…. What is an E-waste event? Electronic E-waste round up events are put on by Junk That Funk in efforts to reduce recyclable materials ending up landfills. E-waste round up events are designed to be a hassle free drop off site where you can assure your items will be 100% recycled! At our free drop … Read more »

                        We all use cell phones, tablets, DVD players, and desktop computers. These are just a few electronic items that we employ in our every day lives – however – have you ever thought about where these things end up when we throw them in the trash? Check out the above map to find out! Canada generated 860,000 tonnes of e-waste in 2012. Toxic chemicals in electronics products can … Read more »