Summer came and went. Besides some wonky weather, this was a busy season for us.

We hosted 4 e-waste events in July. We collected just under 50,000 lbs. of electroncis and gadgets with over 750 drop offs. August saw us collect just over 26,000 lbs. of discarded items with just over 400 drop offs. Year to date, our recycled electronics stats from our local e-waste events is sitting at 245,000 lbs. Not bad!

We received news in September that our computer roundups, which are donated to the Smiles Foundation in Toronto, who in turn forward them to their offices and facilities in the Dominican Republic. The Foundation will use these them in their training centres to provide disadvantaged youth with courses in health and oral hygiene among other subjects. Some of our computer roundups also ended going to the Phillipines and the Carigara Municipal Library, where they are used as workstations for students.

We also received word from the Carigara National Vocational School, where one our donated projectors ended up finding some great use.

“Thank you so much for your donation to our school.. The students are grateful for having a wide screen during their lecture… Your projector is just perfect.”

Making a meaningful contribution is something everyone strives to do. Working with a close group of associated agencies and organizations to make a difference in people’s lives through donation is something that made the summer season even better for us. We love getting messages like this from some of our partners and it’s even better when we’re sent images of the items we donate being put to good use.

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